Today, almost every home and office have a printer. However 3D printers are also making an impact. 3D printers have been growing in potential uses for both homes and businesses. The range of applications and recent reductions in price are making 3D printing essential tools for both home and office use.  Here’s why homes and offices should get a 3D printer and what to look for among the leading models.

The Breakdown on 3D Printing

3D printing is a remarkable technology that has been breaking barriers. It works by heating filament and following design patterns. The heated filament is applied in layers and keeps building up the design until the product is complete. The process is amazing, and the fact that it’s been getting more affordable and 3D printing equipment is much more accessible than in previous years.

What 3D Printing Can do for Offices

Offices stand to benefit from 3D printing to such a high degree. Many different industries and professionals are using 3D printing with the fast-evolving of technology. Fashion is one of the newest industries to use 3D printing for their prototypes, mostly of shoes. Jewelry designers are also using it for their prototypes.

Electronic industries have personal 3D printing factories for all of their needs, whether it’s prototypes or the actual product.

Environmental and architectural industries are using it for their models to bring to clients, so they can see exactly what they’re ordering, not just on paper. Architects are using them to graft larger projects using concrete ink, made completely of recycled materials, and only needs 24 hours to dry.

The medical field has been seeking different uses for 3D printers to create prosthesis and artificial valves. They are also experimenting and doing trials for creating ears and hearts.

In the auto industry, they are printing full car parts, and are in the beginning stages of making whole cars printed using carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. It only takes 44 hours for the car to fully print out and leaves no waste.

Many of the car companies are using 3D printing for prototyping, experimental parts, and creating fixtures for their manufacturing. Some are even providing spare parts to their clients like spacers, air and cable ducts, clamps, and more.

The food industry is looking into using a thick food paste inside of 3D printers, to print out ready to eat foods in minutes.

In the music industry, companies are printing out full, high quality, playable instruments.

Shopping AISink for 3D Printers

AISink sells a large variety of 3D printers and printing supplies for all business and home printing needs. They offer many types and colors of the filament, photopolymer resin, and many other materials to use to print objects with. They also sell different sizes of 3D printers, all the way from small 4″ desktop printers to larger 8″ printers. AISink also sells 3D scanners that attach to 3D printers.

Why 3D Printing Should Also be Performed at Home

3D printing has become markedly less expensive and more attainable in recent years. With the remarkable drop in price, it makes sense for home users to start taking advantage of 3D printing technology.

The allure of 3D printing has much to offer users at home, the best of which is customization. 3D printing brings an enticing suite of customization features that these printers provide. These printers can produce almost anything and can be customized by shape and color. Take home office supplies; for example; paper clips can be customized and produced at home rather than ordering them online or going to the store.

These machines can also be used to make replacement parts for things around the house. While 3D printing may put off some folks who are averse or unfamiliar with the technology, however, these machines are a handyman’s dream come true. Potential applications include producing spare and replacement parts for furniture and appliances that can be used to repair things around the house that would be much more expensive to have fixed by a service person.

Partner with AISink for the Best 3D Printing Supplies for Homes and Offices

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