Choosing a printer is a big decision; choosing a wide format printer is an even bigger decision and comes with its own special caveats. Wide format printers enable a wide variety of possibilities in specialty printing, making them an excellent investment for businesses who frequently facilitate the services of copy shops. Here’s what folks should know and look for when shopping for a wide format printer.

The Importance of Wide Format Printers

Wide format printers are used for a wide variety of specialized business needs. They can be used to print sizeable high-quality advertisement banners like the ones on the sides of buses. These printers can also produce blueprints and things that many firms to have done by professional copy shops.

These machines are capable of printing in black, and color__ Wide format printers can handle sizes ranging between 24” and 60” allowing for large specialty prints.

With these machines, large company spreadsheets can be printed with ease instead of having to go through the trouble of reducing the size manually on the computer before being able to print it.

Businesses can save quite a bit of money in the long run; however, when they invest in purchasing their own wide format printer. Forward-thinking managers who purchase wide format printers for their business will save a lot of money and receive an enviable return on their investment. They can also increase operational efficiency by making it possible to produce more banners and specialty print job outputs in-house.

What to Look for in a Wide Format Printer

Quality is typically the chief concern when shopping for wide format printers. Most businesses won’t spend the money on a wide format printer if they don’t get high-quality printing performance out of the machine. Commercial sized wide format printers can be expensive and firms in today’s cash strapped and highly-competitive market can’t afford to waste money on underperforming printing equipment.

For the Best in Quality, Buy New, Don’t Purchase Used or Refurbished Wide-format Printers

Quality in a wide format printer as discussed above is to be a priority. With that in mind, firms should steer clear of used and refurbished wide format printers. Even when in a pinch, the loss in quality that comes with working with a used wide format printer can be even more costly in the long run than springing for the expense of a brand new machine. Performance quality is another concern as firms don’t want to get stuck with a machine that runs for a few weeks or months and then suffers a malfunction because of poor performance quality.

Look for Wide Format Printer Brands with Ample Support Services

Quality aside support option will always be an essential factor in choosing a wide format printer among different brands. Some brands offer little or no support after purchasing, others offer support but when the machines need to be physically serviced can be limited by location especially in remote areas.

Look for a brand with a solid reputation for support services and that also has technicians close enough to service the machine after it’s been purchased.

Evaluating the Value of Speed in a Wide Format Printer

Speed, of course, is another factor of consequence to consider when shopping for a wide format printer. While some wide format printers will offer higher potential speeds than others, keep in mind that printing quality will be impaired by higher speeds irrespective of the printer. To achieve genuinely high-quality photographic printing, the machine needs to run four passes over the sheet at a minimum. In businesses where photographic print quality is of utmost importance, 6 to 8 passes are recommended.

Banner Printing

A wide variety of organizations produce banners and use specialty copy shops to print these for them. Businesses can take advantage of wide format printers to produce these banners themselves. The cost of large format printing or banner printing will be significantly lower in the long run as the benefits of printing their own banners will quickly recover the money spent on the initial purchase.

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