One of the hottest topics over the last few years has been IoT, or, the Internet of Things. While incredibly advantageous and infinitely profitable, the potential for IoT applications is truly incredible. However, along with all of the benefits of the technology, it carries some serious security concerns that will also dominate many a conversation over the coming years. Here’s what firms need to know about IoT security challenges.

What Is the IoT?

The Internet of Things refers to the connection of various devices to the internet. In addition to computers and mobile devices, almost anything can now be connected to the internet with sensors that can deliver information. The uses for the technology are nearly endless including applications in agriculture, entertainment, and almost anything else.

However, the security concerns of this technology are great. While the security features for computers and mobile devices are rather established, with other IoT devices, security is greener and less developed. Here’s what users should know and consider about the security concerns that will dominate the years ahead.

What to Know About IoT Security Challenges Over 2019

Over 2019 and the next few years, users should be aware of the issues that will be affecting IoT technology. With GDPR in the picture, things are complicated further. With the GDPR regulation established and in place, anyone using IoT connected devices to do business with citizens of the European Union must comply with the stipulations.

What Makes the Internet of Things (IoT) Different From the Traditional Internet?

One of the clearest distinctions of the Internet of Things from the traditional internet is that it is comprised of all manner of devices. The very thing that makes the IoT different from the traditional internet is part of what makes security concerns so much higher. Without the support of long-standing and well-established protection that comes with PCs and mobile devices.

PC and mobile users have been long accustomed to managing security on their devices. The IoT however, is a whole new ballgame. Meaning that with all the benefits of the technology, there is a whole suite of IoT security challenges that come with it.

New Ways to Combat Cyber Risks

New threats require new tools to combat them with. One of the most promising options available is end-to-end chip-to-cloud protection. One of the most important ways to combat cyber risks for the IoT is to keep everything new. One of the biggest mistakes firms can make is to spend money on retrofitting old equipment. While retrofitting can certainly work functionally, it introduces more security problems.

Hackers are well-known for exploiting the weaknesses of older equipment which of course becomes easier over time. With that in mind, firms should try to keep their equipment up to date as much as possible, at least when it comes to IoT devices.

New Opportunities That Will Come Up As the IoT Matures

Perhaps the most significant opportunity that will come up as the IoT mature is the room for innovation. The advancement of innovation in the IoT will need to be tempered by cyber security and risk management. However, security controls cannot be too tight or innovation will suffer. The balancing act is critical because the room for innovation is so vast and the cyber security risks so prolific.

The key thing to remember is that the longer the IoT has to mature, the more cyber security will catch up in this area. As mentioned previously, security for PCs and mobile devices has seen strong growth. All it will take for security for IoT devices to catch up is a little time.

2019 Security Trends

In 2019, integration is key to security in the IoT. Not only is it a key advantage, but it’s also rapidly becoming a standard which means that integration is no longer optional. The intensity and severity of attacks on IoT based systems are expected to experience a sharp increase that will cause a dramatic surge in the demand for security.

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