Logistics and manifesting systems have been utilizing barcodes for years. There is still a percentage of warehouses that are needing to implement barcode technology and benefit in several different ways.

Advantages of Utilizing Barcode Technology

Using barcodes facilitates better control of operations and increases cost reductions. One can also track who, what and where for all actions within the warehouse. Pick tickets, purchase orders, and more – barcodes offers you the capacity to track who did what. Arenas that have warehouses in multiple locations can utilize an exclusive barcode and improves transportation of inventory.

Is There Money to Be Saved?

There are possible savings in areas such as clerical costs and accuracy levels increase inventory.  Experience a decrease in errors, and facilitation of observation of employee performance. Firms will also notice improved scheduling of warehouse operations.

Warehouses can be costly to operate and every opportunity to save money can make a huge difference down the road. The money that is saved by using barcode systems can be saved or re-allocated for more effective use.

 Warehouses are Taking Advantage of Barcodes

More and more warehouses are implementing barcodes in certain departments. For example, picking, receiving, packing, shipping/manifesting, put away returns, labor tracking, cycle counts, replenishment and value-add factors.

How to Implement Barcode System in Warehouse

To facilitate implementing a barcode system, consult with a professional warehouse management technology facility that carries the pertinent software. Some vendors offer post-implementation support and training.

Make the change easier by taking advantage of the experience and knowledge that a warehouse management technology facility has to offer. The warehouse will be automating smooth ERP integration, barcoding and more in no time.

Generate a Task Force

Adding a barcode system has an impact on many departments, such as manufacturing, sales, accounting, and more.

It is also helpful to generate a group of employees who will be utilizing the software, reports, and data. This team can facilitate evaluating the barcode scanning system.

Delegator of the Task Force

Appointing a delegator of the group that will be overseeing the project is a savvy idea. The colleague in question should have a firm knowledge of the challenges the warehouse is facing and the importance of implementing a barcode scanning system.

Increasing the Value of Employees by Implementing Automated Technology

With minimal investment automating the shipping and manifest process offers a nice return. In general, if a firm is shipping 500 parcels and more a day, there are advantages to enjoy by automating parts or the entirety of the shipping and manifest departments. It gives managers the opportunity to assign employees to more valuable tasks while benefiting with automated systems to complete scanning and weighing, and labeling parcels.

How Affordable is the Use of Barcode technology?

Barcode technology has become more affordable than it used to be. Even smaller-scaled businesses can jump on this technology. There are some free barcode fonts that can be downloaded from the internet. Just think about it, firms can begin downloading barcodes, printing, and labeling packages and inventory. There are other sources available as well that offer free barcode applications that organizations can download.

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The Bottom Line on Barcoding Systems for Warehouses

The bottom line is that barcoding systems for warehouses are more of a necessity than a luxury. Warehouses today just can’t keep up without them. Make an investment in productivity and start reaping the benefits with a sophisticated barcoding system specially designed for warehouse operators.

Finding the right system start with finding the right vendor, check out trusted names like AISink for the best deals.

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