Everyone remembers their high school ID. Many people keep theirs long after they graduate. ID cards are a staple of the school experience – in fact, they’re usually the first form of photo ID a person has. Today, however, the importance of ID cards in schools have taken on an entirely new level. With the introduction of smart cards and chip-embedded badges, ID cards are a functional element of the school environment. Here are six reasons why modern ID cards benefit students, teachers, and school administrators alike.

Six Reasons Why Schools Need ID Cards

Modern school ID cards do a lot more than they used to do. Like today’s workplace badges, they’re often loaded with chips, barcode scanners or other pieces of technology which make them fully functional in the digital environment which constitutes schools. Among the many benefits of school ID cards includes:

1. Stronger Security

On their most basic level, ID cards help make sure that every person on the campus is identified. A school-issued ID card is a quick and easy way to determine whether or not a person belongs on campus. Likewise, the modern capabilities of ID cards – such as the ability to read chips – make it easier to install more robust security measures on the campus itself. For example, with a chip-embedded ID card, students and staff can be required to scan their ID before entering a room, or to unlock a door to a building.

2. Streamlined Surveillance

Many schools are adopting policies which require ID cards to be worn on lanyards or badges, in full view at all time. Campuses are fast-paced and high-traffic environments. It’s not possible to physically assess every single person who walks through the doors. Such policies which require ID cards to be physically worn increase the ability of security personnel to conduct visual security more quickly. On large campuses, this makes it easier for surveillance to spot visitors or people who don’t belong.

3. Protect Personal Data

Schools are not immune to data breaches; attacks on student data are only increasing. However, smart school ID cards can help prevent student data theft by securely storing student information on an encrypted chip. That information doesn’t need to be shared and is only accessible when the card itself is read. Students and staff alike will benefit from this additional layer of security.

4. Improved Access Control for School Technology

School technology, such as printers and computers, is notoriously difficult to control. It gets used every day, all day, by countless users and a kaleidoscope of purposes. However, these devices still require a level of security to be used safely. In such cases, it’s the most accessible and efficient way to control access to the technology at its source: the device itself.

For instance, many schools use smart cards to allow users to sign into computers or printers, associating their ID card with an account which logs activity or print usage. This ensures that only approved users get access to school technology, and it remains safe when students or faculty use it.

5. A More Efficient Visitor Process

Most campuses require visitors to sign in at the main office before setting foot on the grounds. This might include showing a photo ID and providing details about where, when, and why a person is there. With a robust ID card infrastructure, however, this sign-in process is made significantly easier. School administrators can issue a temporary ID card which can be tracked according to where it’s used. Keep track of visitors without compromising their freedom and privacy.

6. Foster Personal Connections

A benefit of school ID cards, which is often overlooked is their ability to foster connections between students. Policies which require ID cards to be worn in full view at all times make it easier to learn names and become familiar with classmates. Likewise, such systems also have the effect of reducing the likelihood that any one student will feel invisible or left out. The result is an increased connection between students that creates a strong community across the campus.

Emphasizing the Importance of ID Cards in Schools

The importance of ID cards in schools is fully visible when considering the role they play in student, facility, and device security. Schools are an environment which requires robust security protocols but must also handle large flows of traffic without hindrance. These six benefits show how a smart ID, equipped with a chip, is precisely the answer to striking a balance between movement and security.

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