AISink, a premier provider of technology for businesses of all sizes, has now partnered with Makeblock to benefit the strides the company is making in STEM education. Makeblock provides hardware and software products designed to challenge students and encourage interest in subjects and projects closely connected to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Makeblock’s Commitment to STEM

Makeblock sells products in over 140 countries, with a mission to advance interest and education in STEM subjects through a variety of methods:

  • Creating entertaining and educational products for children and families
  • Developing an education curriculum for schools at various levels that integrate STEM subject matter with project themes
  • Holding high-level robotics competitions

Founded in 2013, Makeblock works with schools at various levels to create challenging programs that generate interest in STEM topics, incorporating quality hands-on materials that enhance the education experience. Makeblock has extended the focus of STEM subjects to include Arts, transforming the acronym to STEAM and creating additional topics to challenge both children and educational institutions.

How Makeblock Works

Makeblock has a unique approach to advancing STEM education beginning at a very early age and continuing through primary and secondary education.

  • Makeblock develops award-winning educational products such as programmable robots for young children – mTiny – that generate interest and teach coding at early levels.
  • Education subjects are developed with exercises and topics that align with the existing course curriculum, designed to develop critical thinking skills and creativity. Makeblock education solutions are in use in many countries, including Croatia, Mexico, France, and many others.
  • Makeblock products and software facilitate competitions globally, including competitions in such countries as Turkey and China, even supporting an expedition to Antarctica by European students.

Through early exposure to technology and screen-free coding, children progress naturally from early childhood through more advanced topics and competitions that generate confidence and interest in STEM education.

Educators are engaged and closely involved with the content and subject matter and can participate in the Makeblock Certification Program to ensure course value and effective use of technology in the classroom setting.

What the Partnership Means

This partnership with Makeblock emphasizes AISink’s commitment to providing customers with high-quality products focused on technology.

We now offer the Makeblock STEAM Education Kit – Robot Science, to advance STEAM education. This kit includes mechanical components, electronic modules, building instructions, and teaching guides. The intent is to provide an innovative experience that allows children to have fun while learning, creating, and developing new skills.

Other Makeblock products offered on the AISink product web site include:

  • Ultimate 10-in-1 Programmable Robot Kit
  • Add-On Packs for Makeblock’s mBot
  • Makeblock Neuron Artist Kit
  • Various accessories and kits for Makeblock products such as drone batteries, Bluetooth adapter, and so much more

Several respected U.S. universities including Florida International School, Boston College, and the University of Utah have partnered with Makeblock for education solutions. In Hong Kong, over 50% of schools at the primary and secondary levels utilize Makeblock STEAM education solutions. The company has been recognized internationally with seven major awards for innovation and design.

Makeblock continues to expand offerings and provide innovative products to encourage STEM education at all levels. Their remarkable mTiny educational robot and STEAM coding box were released as recently as May 2019, targeting early childhood and family use. The company also recently passed a milestone of 8 million users worldwide.

AISink is proud to be among the company’s committed channel partners.

AISink – a Technology Provider Engaged in the Future of Education

Advanced Imaging Supply (AIS) has been providing schools and businesses of all sizes with technology products and printing supplies since 2003. With our commitment to technology and a focus on the future, our partnership with Makeblock is a natural step in contributing to the development of STEM education as provided by their organization.

Makeblock is making a strong contribution to technical education by providing creative programs, quality software, and hardware products. AISink’s dedication to providing advanced technology to our customers is in harmony with the vision and mission of Makeblock.

When your business, school, or other organization – large or small – needs professional advice and technical solutions, AISink professionals can provide complete solutions with quality products for printing and much more:

  • Printers to satisfy every requirement, from many suppliers
  • Headphones, projectors, and other audio-visual equipment
  • Computers
  • Barcoding and POS equipment

Our technology partners include such leading manufacturers as:

  • HP
  • Lexmark
  • Dell
  • Epson

Contact AISink today to discuss the wide array of innovative products we offer to make your school or business more efficient with advanced printing technology, computers, and audio-visual equipment.