Thoughts of losing a treasured pet can strike fear into the hearts of any pet owner. Family pets are family members to many owners. Rest assured that our pets always know where their masters are, but the reverse is not always true for the owners.

Cats may find a comfortable place to rest in the sun, dogs may go chasing squirrels, or in a worst-case, your valued companion may be hurt or unable to get back to where they belong. There are even unethical humans who have been known to steal pets right from their home territory – even from fenced-in properties.

This becomes even more critical when you consider service animals such as guide dogs or animals that provide medical alerts or psychological comfort. These conditions make it even more important to always know where your pet is.

GPS Pet Trackers Solve the Problem

Putting technology to work to keep track of pets is always a simple and effective solution to knowing your pet’s whereabouts. Losing a pet is a traumatic experience, even if they are eventually returned to their families or rightful owners. Using a GPS pet tracker, locating and recovering a pet is greatly simplified, and wayward animals who escaped a fenced yard or made a break out the back door can quickly be tracked down and brought back to the safety of their homes.

Reasons to Use a Pet Tracker

There are many reasons to invest in a high-quality GPS pet tracker:

  • Large dogs are strong, and often have a mind of their own. Taking a large dog out for a walk can sometimes be a challenging adventure, especially when your pet spots another dog or animal they would like to get to know – or chase. If they break away from leash control and get out of sight, it can be unnerving or downright scary.
  • When a family pet wanders off, or may even be stolen, it can mean anxious moments for the entire family, putting up posters around the neighborhood, and even time off work while the search is underway.
  • With the advanced technology of a GPS pet tracker, there is no trouble locating your pet. Just open the application and find out exactly where the rascal is.
  • Many pet owners like to get their pets exercise at parks, where they may be released to walk or run freely for a distance. With a GPS tracker, there is no fear of the animal escaping your awareness of their position, even if they get out of sight briefly.
  • Much to the dismay of owners, beloved pets are stolen every day. GPS trackers let you know quickly exactly where the pet has been taken so that authorities can be notified to recover the animal. Today’s GPS tracker sensors utilize compact electronics, such that thieves may not even be aware the pet is wearing one.

Working animals are in a class by themselves. They not only become friends and loyal companions, but they’re also well-trained to perform specific functions that may be critical to our medical well-being, our family’s security, or even our emotional support. Losing one of these valuable assistants can alter our lifestyles, not to mention the considerable expense of replacing service animals.

Rescue dogs are ideal candidates for GPS trackers. They may head out to locate lost hikers or find injured individuals following natural disasters. Handlers can easily follow and locate their companions using GPS tracking capabilities.

Pet trackers bring security for animal owners, knowing that their pet or service animal can be easily located with the accuracy of GPS technology.

How a GPS Pet Tracker Works

Just as your phone or vehicle has access to locations due to GPS services that use a network of GPS satellites to determine an exact location, pet trackers use the same method to follow your animal.

With a small sensor usually located on or under the pet’s collar, their location is pinpointed with GPS technology, then transmitted via cell services to the tracker module held by the pet’s owner. With the tracker’s application, the animal’s exact location is displayed on a map, making it easy to discover and recover the pet.

Getting the Right GPS Pet Tracker

There are a variety of GPS pet trackers on the market today, offering a variety of sizes and features, and at different price points.

Features to look for in a GPS pet tracker:

  • Durability – animals may run through brush, jump into the water, or wiggle through tight spaces. Be sure the tracker will hold up to rough treatment.
  • Accuracy – the whole purpose of a tracker is to find your pet. If the tracker is only moderately accurate, locating your pet will also be moderately successful.
  • Range – depending on the availability of cell service, you may not be able to use the device in some remote areas. Most GPS trackers utilize cell connections to the tracking module.

AISink – Your Source for Quality GPS Pet Trackers

AISink offers our customers a high-quality feature-rich GPS pet tracker from an industry leader – Garmin. The Garmin Astro 320 Pet Tracking Device is ideal not only for urban or rural areas but for sporting dogs, as well. The Astro 320 has all the features most pet owners will need:

  • Capability to track up to 10 dogs at a time
  • Track to a range up to 4 miles with model T5 mini, and up to 9 miles with model T5
  • Advanced satellite imagery with 2.6” color display
  • Track not only your pet’s location but the path they’ve taken
  • Compass view to pinpoint your animal’s current location

AISink has been providing printing, audio-visual, and technology products to our customers since 2003. We focus on quality products and services from the best manufacturers.

Contact AISink today for more information on how we can help you keep your pet safe and secure with reliable and accurate GPS pet trackers.