As technology rapidly changes, so does the way we teach our children. What was once only available in a textbook can now be taught in a variety of different ways to help all children understand the subject matter more clearly and make a better connection with the topics being discussed.

However, with so many different technologies hitting the market, it can be difficult deciding which education supplies are needed in the classroom and which ones are unnecessary. We want to shed some light on the latest trends to help educators become more aware of the education supplies a modern classroom needs in 2018.

1. Chromebooks for Interactive Learning

One of the greatest catalysts of the digital classroom revolution has been the introduction of the Chromebook. As the name suggests, these small notebooks operate on Google’s Chrome OS. So, why should a classroom choose Chrome OS over Mac OS or Windows?

First of all, Chromebooks are relatively inexpensive. This is because Chromebooks don’t necessarily need a lot of power to run programs. Everything is either browser based or an Android app for the Chromebooks that have been updated to install and run mobile apps.

Built with classrooms in mind, Chromebooks are durable, drop resistant, and water resistant. They can withstand classroom life and the battery life is exceptional. Students, teachers, and parents don’t have to worry if a child’s Chromebook will last throughout an important lesson.

Finally, IT administrators have tools to easily manage Chromebooks. Updates are quickly installed and malicious hackers have a difficult time compromising Chromebooks. Limitations on downloads, apps, and other features can be implemented to ensure that this multimedia device is used for learning rather than gaming. Chromebooks are incredible easy to use, safe, and manageable from an IT standpoint.

2. Charging Carts for All of Those Electronics

Whether a classroom has moved to Chromebooks, iPads, or Windows notebooks, there is one thing every device needs: charging time. Charging carts are exactly what the name suggests; large carts that can hold a number of electronic devices for charging when not in use.

Initially, charging carts may not seem like an essential part of any education supplies list. After all, each iPad or Chromebook comes with a charging cable. However, once the battery on those electronic devices begins to drain and 20 to 30 kids are scrambling to find a power outlet, those charging cables become a tripping hazard and an eyesore.

Charging carts also protect the devices against theft or loss. The cabinets of charging carts can be locked to secure devices while they charge. On top of cabinets is a large flat surface that be used for projectors which allows a charging cart to fill multiple purposes. Finally, these carts can easily be transported from classroom to classroom. As the children move from English to history class, their devices can securely move with them.

3. Touchscreen Overlays for Interactive Learning

Many classrooms today have televisions or displays that teachers can use to help present topics and ideas to children. A touchscreen overlay gives that display even more capability. The overlay allows teachers and students to draw and illustrate without affecting the display. For example, a biology teacher can display an image of a cell on the television and then use the touchscreen overlay to highlight and label each part of the cell.

Many education supplies are not meant to be drawn on but a touchscreen overlay begs to be drawn on. Teachers can teach their way, ask students to provide illustration, and improve the experience inside their classroom. There is growing evidence that interactive learning methods can actually help children feel more engaged and internalize important information.

As the modern classroom continues to develop there is no telling how essential a touchscreen overlay will become. Developers and creators will begin to build learning materials with a touchscreen in mind and children will benefit with more interactive learning that makes them a part of the lesson rather than an observer who is merely expected to take notes and retain information.

Bring Your Classroom Into 2018

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