AV equipment is an important part of any modern-day classroom. Whether you are teaching kids or adults, incorporating multimedia into your teaching will help engage your students, keep them interested, and help them retain more information.

The question is, which types of AV equipment would be the best for your classroom? Today, let’s find out.

Today’s Classroom AV Trends

Technology equipment for the classroom has come a long way since the early days of blackboards and chalk. Now, even the classroom “chalkboard” can be “wired” and work as a large computer screen for students to interact with. These interactive whiteboards are just one of the new trends in classroom AV technology.

Other classroom AV trends include laser digital projects and technologies such as “AV-Over-IP.” Of course, some of these new technological options will be pricier than others. And some may just be gimmicks. What is the best bang for your technology buck, especially if your school needs to be prudent with its budget?

For most classrooms, the basics are still important. The teacher typically needs some sort of chalkboard or whiteboard for lectures. A digital projector and digital document camera can share notes, slides, and pictures with students on a projector screen.

Don’t forget standard items such as headphones when planning your classroom AV needs. Depending on the class, they can be just as important as fancier items such as tablets or interactive whiteboards.

Types of Audio Visual Equipment

Here are just some of the options you might want to consider when choosing classroom AV equipment. Before purchasing AV equipment, creating an audio visual equipment list with comparisons and prices can be very helpful.

1. Headphones

In terms of technologies, headphones may seem almost quaint and old school these days. That is, unless you are getting super high-end noise-canceling headphones that work over Wi-Fi. As a school, you probably do not need the latest and greatest in headphone technology, unless you need special headphones for testing. Good solid headphones can help students with media projects without being overly expensive.

2. Projection Screens

Projection screens enable you to display the output of digital projectors and digital document cameras. While it is common to use a TV or monitor as a digital display for computer output, once you get into a larger lecture hall or auditorium, a projection screen is a much better option.

Projection screens come in a wide variety of sizes as well as materials that can enhance the learning experience. Some will also be more “portable” or be built into a room to hide away when they are not needed.

3. Digital Projectors

Today’s best digital projectors offer plug and play access to push the output of your computer, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone to a projector screen. The main consideration with a digital projector is the input. They will often take an HDMI input – but, does the device it is connecting to offer an HDMI output? You can use converters for various devices.

For example, an iPad can be connected to many digital projectors using a converter cable that takes a standard HDMI connection and turns it into an iPad cable. This only works with recent model iPads, however.

4. Digital Document Cameras

Digital document cameras are the modern-day version of the old-fashioned overhead projectors used frequently in grade school classrooms. They can be used to display notes, objects, and other interactive elements that a teacher wants to show to the classroom.

Considerations for Choosing Classroom AV Equipment

Before authorizing a major purchase of classroom AV equipment, you have to weigh the pros and cons of different products and approaches. When you are reviewing AV equipment for the modern classroom, cost is definitely a consideration. You have to weigh how many devices need to be in the hands of students, the potential longevity of the product, and how compatible it is.

And, while it might be tempting to jump to the latest technologies, you have to consider that a school, unlike a cash-rich business such as a technology company, cannot constantly upgrade digital equipment year after year. So, opt for longevity over what is trendy.

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