Even as technology is changing the education landscape, schools and educators are being asked to do more with a tighter budget. That is especially true of printing needs. Educators need to deliver more and meet the needs of students on a limited budget.

Managed Print Services (MPS) can help solve the printing budget woes and deliver benefits for both educators and students. Using your current technology, MPS can make a positive difference working within a set budget.

Suddenly, your printing needs aren’t a constant struggle you need to overcome. Even as your budget changes in the future, programs like AISInk MPS services will continue to manage and reduce while maximizing your printing program. Let’s look at how MPS will work for you.

Working with MPS and a Print Provider

With MPS, you work with a managed print provider like AISInk that is an expert in printing technology, printing workflow, and office technology. They’ll evaluate your current printing environment. They’ll assess your current needs and budgets. They will also identify problem areas and inefficiencies as well as review the technology you have in place. After the assessment, the print provider will make recommendations for improvements. The goal will be to optimize your program within your budget. They’ll meet your requirements as efficiently as possible.

Most schools and educations offices find the recommendations and services provided by MPS deliver immediate benefits and long-term advantages. In fact, you could save as much as 30% of your current printing costs or more. With a monthly contract and AISInk MPS services, you aren’t locked into a long-term agreement and can cancel at any time. With MPS, you’ll start to see benefits almost immediately.

The Benefits of MPS for Schools and Education Offices

Every school and office will see different results. This will depend on the printing hardware and technology they have in place and the requirements of the users. Benefits you can expect include:

1. Lower Costs and a Consistent Budget

Almost immediately, you can expect lower costs. The MPS will track the performance of your printing services and make recommendations for lowering print costs. This often involves selecting the right paper or toner for the printers you have on hand. You’ll have the supplies you need when and where you need it at a cost that is typically less than you currently pay for.

You’ll also enjoy the ability to better predict and manage your printing budget. This comes through the managed services and preventative maintenance provided by the MPS. The service can identify problems early and fix problems before they happen.

Broken printers can disrupt operations. Frequent maintenance can leave you scrambling to find money. MPS can eliminate costly problems like these. IT or support staff required to fix problems can be assigned to more important tasks, further reducing costs.

2. Increased Efficiency

The MPS provider will evaluate your current printing environment to identify areas that can increase school or office efficiency. This will include your current printing workflow. When complete, you’ll have a list of recommendations on how to increase efficiency.

This might mean moving a printer or batching print jobs. Often, the provider will recommend a standard equipment interface. You’ll better use the devices you have and spend less time on print-related issues.

The goals of MPS is to give the teachers and educators the right devices, services, and printer workflow to improve and optimize productivity. With printing services better controlled and more reliable, you can reduce frustration and workload.

3. Improve Printing Workflow

The goal of AISInk MPS services for education is to help you focus on teaching. By studying your printing environment and workflow, we can make recommendations and improvements. This lets teachers focus on teaching.

Many times, this might mean making better use of the technology you already have. Mobile print solutions, or automated processes can help get the work done faster and with fewer errors and problems.

It is often just a matter of leveraging the technology you already have in place. Other times, MPS for education offices has looked at paper-based administrative workflows. Experts like AISInk MPS services can provide simple digital solutions that reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.

Taking the Next Steps with MPS for Schools and Education Offices

Schools need to make the most of their budget. That means managing costs and optimizing the technology and printing solutions you have in place.

MPS can help. Providers like a monthly contract with AISInk MPS services give you printing experts that can increase efficiency. It ensures predictable, consistent printing expenses and increasing benefits over time. Services like these are designed for education. You can focus on students, and let the experts handle your printing needs.

Discover what Managed Print Services can do for your school or education office. Contact Advantage Imaging Supply and ask about our MPS for educators.