Printing is an essential function for most businesses. Most companies will purchase a printer and supplies and then forget about their printing needs, but this is a mistake. They are losing money and hurting the business – and leaving themselves exposed to higher risks and security threats.

There are simple steps you can take to leverage your printing into a competitive business advantage. With a little expertise, you can reduce your printing costs and operational expenses, as well as increase efficiency in every phase of your business.

The secret is Managed Print Services (MPS). Getting started with MPS is easier than you might think. We’ll show you how MPS works and how it can help your small business.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Print providers offer MPS as a program that optimizes and manages the printing needs for a business. This means not only devices like printers, but also copiers, scanners, and fax machines. A print provider will start MPS by evaluating your current printing operations. The provider will collect and analyze printing data. They’ll review your business requirements and printing workflow. This includes reviewing the security on your printers. For many businesses, lax security on the printer is the biggest cybersecurity threat.

The MPS experts will then provide a list of recommendations for optimizing your printing program. Finding the right mix of print and technology is critical, especially for small businesses. The goal of the assessment is to ensure your printing needs are not only met but deliver an increase to the overall efficiency of the business. At the same time, the recommendations will often reduce your operational costs.

Once you have the MPS program in place, the print provider will handle the maintenance of the device as well as ordering supplies as part of the service. For small businesses, making the most of resources like printing is critical. MPS lets you leverage existing resources and optimize processes with a consistent and predictable budget.

The Benefits of Managed Print Services for Small Businesses

MPS for small businesses provide advantages across the company. These benefits include:

1. Reduce Costs

Many companies quickly discover their current printing technology isn’t delivering expected benefits. The wrong printer or an inefficient machine will increase costs with every page – waste that is difficult to recover.

The MPS provider will collect printing data and identify underperforming machines. They’ll work with your budget and select the best printing devices or technology for your needs. With the right technology in place, you’ll see your costs decrease.

Using a single MPS provider for your printing needs will also allow you to consolidate costs. You pay a single fee each month instead of multiple vendors. Employees can now focus on more important tasks. The MPS provider will also have responsibility for maintaining security and software updates on the printer, ensuring your business is protected.

2. Increase Efficiency

Many companies are shocked to discover how much time and effort are wasted on printing. A few changes can deliver instant benefits. By studying your printing workflow, the MPS provider can identify opportunities to improve efficiency.

One area might be printer placement. By moving a higher-efficiency printer to an easily accessible location, work can be completed faster. Employees aren’t wasting time chasing after printed pages. Batching jobs is another method of increasing efficiency.

Another opportunity might be eliminating personal or “local” printers. These high-cost extravagances add little value. With a better printing workflow, employees work better and more efficiently.

3. Leverage Technology

Optimizing your use of technology is also an area that MPS can benefit your business. Often, this doesn’t mean purchasing new equipment, but simply maximizing what you already have.  Many printers have features that aren’t being leveraged. Mobile printing, for instance, allows employees to quickly retrieve and print documents remotely. MPS can show employees how technology can manage office tasks. Document management, filing, and office records are areas that an MPS provider can offer solutions for your business.

Managed Print Services and your Small Business

MPS gives small business owners the printing power, capability, and expertise of a much larger company for a low-cost. It levels the playing field for your company. Programs like AISInk MPS Services are designed with small businesses in mind.  It provides flexibility and customized services to enhance and optimize your business. That starts with a low-cost monthly subscription where you only pay for the services you need and you’re free to cancel anytime.

Turn your printing needs into a competitive advantage for your small business with MPS. Leverage technology and reduce costs with a program designed with your business in mind.

Are you ready to see how Managed Print Services can benefit your small business? Contact Advantage Imaging Supply to learn more.