The keyboard is the unsung hero of the computing world. Most keyboards dutifully do their job day in and day out. Despite being the piece of equipment that many people will interact with most during their workday, the trusty keyboard doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. That is, of course, until a new keyboard is needed.

Sometimes, keyboards can wear down – and sometimes, there is room in the budget for an upgrade. Suddenly, the keyboard is now top-of-mind for shoppers. This article will cover some of the most important aspects to consider when shopping for a new keyboard. By the end of this article, users should feel confident choosing the best keyboard for their needs.

Set a Budget

The first thing to do before shopping for a keyboard is to set a budget. Like many computer peripherals, keyboards can come with a wide range of features and prices. Setting a budget before shopping can help narrow down this huge selection and make shopping for a new keyboard feel much less daunting. Once a budget is set, shopping within that budget and looking for the right features become much easier. Regardless of budget, users should be able to find the best keyboard to meet their needs.

Consider the Use for the Keyboard

The next most important aspect to consider when buying a keyboard is how it will be used. Is this a basic keyboard for an office setting? Will it need to be portable? What kind of setup currently exists? What kind of work will be done using the keyboard?

These are all important questions to ask because the best keyboard for gaming may look nice and come packed with features but it may not meet the needs of travelling business person or an active student. On the surface, keyboards may look alike. However, there is a wide range of unique uses that may help point buyers in the right direction to find the best keyboard.

What Features are Required?

When shopping for a new keyboard, it may be handy to quickly write down a few features that should be included. Some of these features may help focus the search and make choosing the right keyboard much easier.

For example, someone who types a lot may want a responsive keyboard for typing with that classic “clicky” feeling. In this case, a mechanical keyboard may be at the top of the shopping list as the mechanical switches will deliver the feeling that this writer is looking for.

However, a business person who travels and works on-the-go may want a compact wireless keyboard that can fit into a carry on bag or laptop bag. Obviously, a large wired mechanical keyboard will not suffice in this situation. Instead, the buyer should try to find the best portable keyboard or best wireless keyboard.

It’s also important to consider ergonomics when shopping for a new keyboard. In an office setting where someone is sitting for a large portion of their day while working, an ergonomic keyboard can go a long way in helping prevent ergonomic injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Find the Best Keyboard Design

Looks aren’t everything but they also aren’t nothing. Keyboard design can be important when it comes to looks and useful design features that can add to the experience of using the keyboard. Design shouldn’t be the first thing that buyers consider, but it may help narrow down options when two similar keyboards are checking off many of the boxes.

An example of a design feature that some users may appreciate is backlit keys. This is a feature that is very common when looking for the best gaming keyboard. However, it is not exclusive to gaming keyboards. Users who may work on the road and are unsure of how their lighting may be from location to location could end up making very good use of a backlit keyboard.

Some keyboards may also opt for more keys or fewer keys than a standard keyboard setup. The best keyboard for students in a math-related program will obviously have to include a number pad for easy calculations, whereas someone who needs a more compact solution may not require that same design.

Making the Pick

Finally, it’s time to make a selection. Whether shopping for the best keyboard for typing, the best keyboard for students, or the best keyboard for gaming, there are plenty of options out there. Using the above tips can help make the selection process much easier. Plus, AIS Ink carries a wide range of keyboards for all needs and budgets.

To learn more about choosing the right keyboard or to ask questions about available options, please contact AIS Ink today.