Printers are powerful and important pieces of technology in almost every business. For the most part, printers operate faithfully with almost no issues. Thousands of pages can be printed without doing much more than basic maintenance.

However, sometimes some common printer problems can arise that leave users wondering if they can fix it themselves or if they should call in a professional. This article will help outline when it’s time to put down the tools and pick up the phone to contact a technician for more advanced printer service needs.

Taking Care of Frequent Paper Jams

Paper jams are, thankfully, becoming less and less common in modern printers. However, no printer is immune to the occasional jam. This is one of the most common printer problems that the average user will deal with. The good news is that clearing a paper jam is relatively easy and, on some models, the printer may even walk users through clearing a paper jam using the on-device display.

When paper jams begin occurring much more frequently, that may indicate that something is wrong inside the printer. This could be as simple as paper being improperly seated in the feeder tray. Or, it could indicate that one of the parts feeding the paper through is misaligned or damaged.

Some printer manuals may walk users through basic printer service techniques but, if those fail, it may be time to consider calling in a professional technician. Taking apart a printer can lead to further damage. If the paper jam cannot be resolved using basic methods, it is best to trust the experts.

Poor Print Quality

It can be disappointing to see a printed page come out that doesn’t look pristine. This is especially true for businesses that need to hand out documents to clients. Providing poorly printed documents definitely does not create a great impression.

On the bright side, many print quality issues can be easily resolved by users themselves. For example, an ink or toner cartridge running low may simply need to be replaced in order to improve quality. This is a quick form of printer maintenance that doesn’t require much time or effort on the part of the user.

However, after basic troubleshooting, if print quality has not improved, then it may be time to consider professional printer service. There are many components that work together to ensure the quality of printing. The fuser is an example of one part that could break down and require replacement. Some new models may allow users to replace the fuser themselves. But there could be additional underlying issues that caused the failure of the fuser in the first place.

When basic print quality maintenance efforts fail to improve the output of the printer, it may be another good opportunity to call in a professional technician to take a closer look.

Printer Service for Scanner or Copier

Many printers have more than one job. In some offices, the scanner on a multifunction printer may be the most important feature. This is becoming more and more common as businesses seek to go paperless or “paper light” and, instead, store documents in secure cloud storage.

A scanner that fails to work in a multifunction printer can bring a busy office to a halt. Like many of the other common printer problems, a non-working scanner can sometimes be fixed with simple user troubleshooting. Powering down and restarting the printer may be sufficient to get the scanner back up and running. In some cases, users may have to update the scanning software they were using. However, if those printer maintenance solutions fail to work, users may find themselves at a loss.

In older devices, a scanner unit can wear out, break down, and require replacement. This can be a difficult task to manage for users and, as a result, may require printer service from a qualified professional. This type of problem is not common but may be present as a multifunction printer is put through years and years of hard work.

Go with the Gut Feeling

The most important takeaway from this printer maintenance article is that users should only do what they feel comfortable with when it comes to common printer problems. Some technically savvy users may be ready and willing to dive into the user manual for their device to try and resolve whatever issue may come up. Other users may feel less confident.

When in doubt, users should always contact a professional for printer service they’re not confident doing on their own. This can avoid further damage due to inexperience and potentially save significant printer service costs down the road. With regular basic printer maintenance and the occasional help of a professional technician, businesses can ensure their devices last for many years to come.

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