For the best quality sound, nothing out there can top a good PA system. Whether it’s a person giving a speech to a roomful of listeners or a musical act playing to an ecstatic audience, having the best PA system is important.

PA system packages come in many forms – but which is best? For those who manage events or audio-related projects, a lot hinges on them choosing the right sound system for a school auditorium, office building, church, or any other location.

Also know as a public address system or a sound reinforcement system, these setups come in many forms. Which is the best? Today let’s discuss some factors that make for a good PA system and show off a few examples.

What Do Good PA System Packages Offer?

When a person is shopping for a PA system, they need to keep a few things in mind. Knowing what to buy is largely about knowing what is needed – consider the following characteristics in a system.

  • Size: Obviously, a PA for a mid-sized meeting room may not suffice for a large auditorium. Understanding the size of the system needed can ensure the buyer doesn’t spend more than they need to. Considering size also helps venues get big sound without big dimensions – see the line arrays option.
  • Watts and SPL: An even more accurate measure of a system’s potential is its wattage. PA systems typically go by wattage as well as the SPL metric, or sound pressure level. That’s the sensation a person feels when they place their hand on an active speaker and feel it moving the air.
  • dB Range: For those who plan on using their PA system for music, they may want to pay close attention to its dB range and EQ capabilities. Depending on the type of music being played, different frequencies should be given priority. A person who is playing jazz may not need as much low-end rumble as the person playing hip hop or dance music. This also factors in with size. A good medium speaker has a dB range of 100-105, with small bottoming out at 95 and large going beyond 110.

There are also many special considerations a person might have to make when they buy a PA. If they are an outdoor venue, they may search for the best wireless outdoor PA system. Or if their system will be used by a speaker, they may need the best portable PA system with a wireless mic.

Consider inputs as well. Will instruments be plugged into the system? Mics? Mixers? Subs? Sure, converters are always an option, but making sure a system has the inputs the need calls for is an important consideration.

3 Different PA Systems to Consider

There are thousands of PA system packages out there a person could consider buying. But for the purpose of this piece, let’s highlight three separate systems and what they offer.

1.     Harman 8” Packaged PA System w/ 8-Channel Integrated Mixer

This model is a solid midrange system that offers big power with a wattage of 300. There’s a pair of two-way speakers and an option for Bluetooth connectivity. This system is also compact and lightweight for the size it has. It’s great for organizations that need solid sound but may also need to transport their system around.

2.     Bose L1 Compact System

This unique system combines the benefits of a conventional PA plus monitors into one sleek, compact unit. Not only is it lightweight, but it is capable of producing great sound. As an added benefit, there’s no need for monitors or amps. The system has up to four inputs standard between two channels. The first is for a mic, and the others can be used with a guitar, keyboard, laptop, mixer, or projector.

3.     Califone PowerPro Portable PA Bluetooth System

As the name suggests, this high-end system has a lot of perks. This is an example of what a person would buy if they needed a system that could do it all. It has a 90 W amplifier, Bluetooth compatibility, a six-hour battery life. It has powerful speakers for such a compact unit and is an easy candidate for best portable PA system with a wireless mic.

Benefits of Picking the Best PA System Packages

When a person invests in the right system, the results will speak for themselves. A system that is built to handle all the needs of an organization, delivering crisp sound in whatever the task calls for, can be a big asset to anyone.

Having the right PA system requires a person to do the research – but more importantly, it is about using the right type of system for what the need and the organization calls for. The size of the room, the type of music they play, the audio devices they need to connect – all this plays a role in what type of PA system they will use.

PA systems are a critical sound technology. For more info on technology products for SMBs and enterprise locations, contact AISink today.