In today’s modern conference rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums, technologies that allow audience members to access presentations on their own devices (the “Bring Your Own Device” or BYOD trend) is very common.

The ability to seamlessly present digital content on a wide variety of devices — wirelessly — is rapidly becoming the gold standard for most presentations.

To make accessing this technology as simple as possible, Qomo has developed the Qconnect-1700, a wireless presentation system that is full of powerful features that put effortless wireless presentations within reach for a variety of businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Qomo Qconnect-1700 Features

Qomo has made it easy for schools, corporations, and other entities that require diverse screen-sharing capabilities to bring presentations to life on many different devices.

Quad Screen and Cross Platform

The quad screen means diversity is achieved easily, and the cross platform creates an innovative bring-your-own-device environment that is essential for presentations to large numbers of participants. With the ability to project four devices on a single screen, the quad screen feature makes sharing and collaboration seamless.

Dynamic SidePad

The innovative SidePad means the speaker isn’t tethered to a podium — he or she is free to walk around the room during the presentation. This feature adds a dynamic element to any presentation and allows for greater audience interaction.

WebSlides and Moderator Control

In addition, the WebSlides capability means the audience can view the exact presentation on their own devices and the addition of a teacher/moderator control feature means the meeting will flow smoothly without interruption.

Mirror Projection

Use your computer or mobile device as a presentation remote by simply mirroring the presentation display to the device of your choice.

64-User Queue

With a queue this deep, all audience members will have a chance to ask questions or comment on the presentation.

No App Required

With the Qomo Qconnect-1700, the need for audience members to download yet another app on their devices is removed. Each participant will get a Plug & Show USB token that will allow them to plug into the presentation instantly.

Custom Standby

There’s nothing like getting your branding front-and-center. With the Qconnect-1700’s custom standby screen, you’ll have the opportunity to load your logo, brand tagline, or any other pertinent graphic you’d like your audience to see during pauses in the presentation.

Additional Qomo Qconnect-1700 Features

Other pertinent features of the Qomo Qconnect-1700 include:

  • Wireless screen-sharing with a dual-band wireless access point (2.4GHz or 5GHz)
  • Brilliant, 1080p resolution for sharp images and crisp colors
  • Rear USB connector that supports a wide range of interactive whiteboard (IWB) devices
  • Supports Windows operating systems including Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • Supports Mac OS X

The Qomo Qconnect-1700s’ ability to support stunning images across a wide variety of operating systems is critical for the kind of smooth, seamless presentations that encourage audience attention and participation.

Technical Specifications of the Qomo Qconnect-1700

Other things you need to know about this revolutionary wireless presentation system include:

  • Network Standards: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz/5GHz
  • Wireless Security: WEP/WPA/WPA2
  • Management: Web-based ADMIN Panel Configuration
  • Output Resolutions (VGA): SVGA (800×600), XGA (1024×768), WXGA (1280×768),
    WXGA (1280×800), WXGA (1360×768), WXGA+ (1440×900), UXGA (1600×1200)
  • Output Resolutions (HDMI): 720p (1280×720), 1080i (1920×1080), 1080p (1920×1080)
  • Supported Mobile Operating Systems: Android 4.0 and above, iOS 8 and above
  • Power: External power adaptor (DC 5V 2.6A)
  • Onboard Interfaces: VGA, HDMI RJ-45, USB 2.0 (x3), Reset Button Stereo, Phone Jack
  • Certifications: FCC/CE
  • Warranty: 1 year

With features that encourage effective IT management and a solid warranty that’s upgradeable to five years, the Qomo Qconnect-1700 has everything you need to make your next presentation a success.

Enhance Presentation Quality with Products from AISink

AISink has been providing customers with premier audio-visual equipment for over 17 years. In staying on the cutting edge of advances in presentation technology, we offer the Qomo Qconnect-1700 wireless presentation system to our clients in business, education, and government agencies to meet every aspect of their presentation needs.

We also offer associated equipment including cables, A/V carts, headphones, and any other accessories you may need.

Contact AISink to discuss how quality wireless presentation systems from Qomo can help make your next meeting or presentation dynamic, functional, and successful.