In today’s world of frequent kidnappings, runaway children, and a rising crime rate, being a parent is more frightening than ever. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there were over 424,000 children missing in 2018, a chilling fact that parents can’t ignore.

While many parents want their children to be able to explore and have fun in public spaces, having a child wander out of view can strike fear into a parent’s heart.

That’s why many parents are opting for GPS child tracker devices to ensure the safety of their children and increase the level of protection surrounding them.

The Advantages of a Child Tracking System

Child trackers are great options for monitoring children at home and on the go.

These products are created to give parents as much information as possible about their child’s real-time location. Some even include features that can monitor the child’s health, as well as other features that meet unique and specific needs.

Here are some of the most common — and useful — benefits of GPS tracking your child.

  1. At-Home Alerts

For parents that are working during the day, knowing when your school-aged child has reached home safely can be a huge relief. GPS tracking devices that use accurate mapping software can give you peace of mind while ensuring that your child develops independence and coping skills necessary to be on their own at home alone successfully.

An emergency button on your child’s tracker will allow them to get help immediately if they are in a situation at home in which they need adult help.

  1. Perimeter Alerts

Some trackers allow parents to set up a “safe zone” for their children.

This can provide a “virtual fence” that sends an alert to parents any time the zone is breached. This perimeter can help prevent child abductions on busy playgrounds or to locate a child when they wander off in a crowded environment like a mall, zoo, fairground, or amusement park.

Trackers like this also remove the need to use old fashioned child restraint harnesses that restrict movement and can cause entanglement and dangerous falls.

  1. Travel Safety

When your teen first gets their driver’s license, they may not be ready to tackle busy highways; visit certain areas after dark; or drive on traffic-heavy roads. A low-profile child tracker can help parents be aware of their teen’s driving behaviors and pinpoint their location at any given time.

Many GPS trackers have optional emergency buttons that a child can push when they’ve had an accident or have experienced a mechanical failure or other mishaps. This allows parents — or local law enforcement and emergency medical services — to respond quickly to any emergency.

Some trackers offer options to view your teen driver’s route history, their speed, and how long they’ve stopped at different locations. This allows parents to get a good feel for your child’s driving ability and their attention to rules and driving regulations.

  1. Behavioral Issues

If your child is on the autism spectrum, they may be more prone than other children to wander off. A child tracker provides a way to keep your child within specified boundaries and offers an alert if the child moves outside of the proscribed area.

It’s important to note that using a child tracker isn’t about mistrust or being a helicopter parent. A child tracker gives you quick, accurate information so that you — and your child — can avoid dangerous and unfortunate situations.

Personal trackers are small and unobtrusive and can easily fit in a wallet, backpack, or attach to the metal surface of a car.

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