Cell phones are ubiquitous in today’s fast-paced world.

In fact, the Pew Research Center notes that around 96% of Americans own cell phones. Interestingly, a growing number of smartphone users — around one in every five — use their smartphones as their sole access to the internet, eschewing at-home broadband services.

That means having a robust and clear cell phone signal is critical for many. Yet, there are still many people who deal with weak cell signals — or even no signal at all — while they’re at home.

Many factors can contribute to the strength of your cell phone signal.

Remote or rural locations may have limited access to signals from cell phone towers. The natural landscape (mountains, hills, trees, etc.) may block signals, and even the materials of your home may contribute to a weakened signal.

Fortunately, cell phone boosters are simple, electronic devices that can amplify — or boost — your signal for better access and clearer connections.

What Exactly are Cell Phone Boosters?

A cell phone booster, also known as a wireless signal booster, is a device that enhances your cell phone’s reception by boosting whatever signal is available in your geographic area. These devices are traditionally made of three parts — an outside and inside antenna and a signal amplifier.

The outside antenna will seek whatever signal is available outside of your home or building. Of course, the stronger, the better, but even a weak signal can get help from a cell phone booster. This outside antenna then transfers the signal to the amplifier, which increases the signal and sends it to the inside antenna. Once the inside antenna receives the signal, it broadcasts it inside your home or building, where your cell phone can receive it.

Do cell phone boosters work? As long as there is some signal available to amplify, a cell phone booster can help increase connectivity and clarity.

The Benefits of Cell Phone Boosters

The apparent benefit of cell phone boosters is that they assist your smartphone in receiving a stronger, clearer connection and fewer dropped calls, even in low-signal areas.

However, there are several other benefits that are just as important to consumers — some maybe more so — than the stronger signal.

  • Signal boosters lower the level of radiation emitted by cell phones, as phones emit significantly more radiation when searching for signals.
  • Signal boosters can remove the need for a landline, saving you money in the long run.
  • Signal boosters also increase the rate of data transfer for customers who access the Internet through their smartphones.
  • Signal boosters provide an extra layer of security for alarm systems that are cell phone reliant for monitoring.
  • Signal boosters rely on less power to send and receive data, saving your smartphone’s battery.
  • Signal boosters can allow rural-based individuals to call 911 without having to physically get to a landline in the event of an emergency.

No matter which of these benefits resonates most with you, it’s obvious that a cell phone booster can be a great way to protect your health and home and lower your frustration level.

Need to Boost Your Signal?

There are a wide variety of cell phone signal boosters on the market today. Whether you need to boost a signal from one or various carriers, there’s a system built for you. Directional-antenna systems are best for one-carrier situations, while omnidirectional antennae will pick up signals from multiple directions, giving you access to several carriers.

There are also boosters that work with various frequencies such as those transmitted by 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks so you can match the amplifier to the requirements of your smartphone.

Finally, indoor antennas are available in either dome or panel models. Dome antennas can broadcast in all directions on one contiguous floor, while panel antennas broadcast in one direction only, making them best for multiple-floor buildings.

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