Pretty much everyone interacts with barcodes in some way throughout their day. If you look around you right now, you will likely be able to find some product that has a barcode on it. Everything from food packaging, to retail products, to shipping packages have barcodes on them. Barcodes have been around for decades and, yet, the technology is still being underutilized by many businesses.


So, how can a barcode system for small business help you take the next step? What is the importance of a barcode system?

What Are Bar-Coding Systems?

A barcode is a machine-readable label that provides a unique code for identifying an item or product. You have seen this technology in action countless times at the grocery store, for example. The technology is so commonplace that it almost seems mundane. However, there are a ton of uses for businesses of all sizes.


With a barcode system for small business, you can easily identify the product by scanning the barcode with a barcode reader. From there, the possibilities are endless.


The Benefits of Bar-Coding Systems

One of the main benefits of using a barcode system is inventory management. This is one of the most common reasons that businesses use barcodes on their products. By simply scanning a barcode at a point of sale terminal, inventory information can automatically be updated. This makes receiving or adding new inventory quick and easy. It also instantly updates inventory numbers as products are sold. With this data, businesses can quickly check on which products are running low on stock, which products are proving to be most popular, as well as other information about their sales.


Using barcodes also dramatically increases efficiency. Instead of manually counting inventory, the system is automatically updated with accurate inventory numbers as products are scanned into or out of the inventory. This can also make the sales process much easier. Employees don’t need to enter product information in order to complete a sale manually. Instead, they scan a barcode and move onto the next task.


Barcodes also create a uniform and centralized inventory management system. Updates to products can be completed once in the system and pushed out so that products are scanned and deliver the correct information. One example where this can be handy is with price changes. Instead of informing employees of price changes and hoping they manually input the information correctly, a simple update can be assigned to the specific product’s barcode so that a consistent price is provided when the barcode is scanned.


The Advantages Specifically for Small Business

New small businesses may not recognize an initial need for a bar-coding system. These businesses may only carry a small amount of stock, and there may not be many employees to disseminate information to. However, having a barcode system in-place allows for rapid growth as the business and products become more popular. As more inventory is added and more business is done in the company, a barcode system allows for maximum efficiency. It may be easy to remember the details of 5 products today, but what about when inventory expands to 100 products? What about when the staff grows from 1 to 10? A barcode system makes this type of growth much easier to manage.


Barcodes can also be used for more than just products. Small businesses can streamline other aspects of operations like invoicing and employee clock in to use barcodes. Instead of manually tracking hours or invoices, the work is done using barcodes. This increases efficiency and may even eliminate the need to hire additional staff to manage some tasks like time-tracking, for example. Plus, barcodes remove the room for human error when completing these kinds of tasks.


In addition, many small businesses are moving to the online retail space in addition to physical retail. To sell on marketplaces like Amazon, sellers must use barcodes on their products. To reach the massive customer bases of these online retailers, there is no avoiding using a barcode. Having a barcode can help integrate inventory numbers across multiple channels, including brick and mortar, Amazon, and your own website.


Experience the Benefits of a Bar-Coding System

Business moves fast these days. Don’t let an outdated inventory management system hold you back. A barcode system for small businesses is essential to grow and manage operations. To learn more about the importance of a barcode system, contact AIS Ink today.