The classrooms of today look a whole lot different than the classrooms of decades past. Technology is playing a more significant role than ever inside the classroom as students, teachers, and school districts adapt to the changing demands of society will have the workforce of the future. Of course, all of this comes at a cost as schools make a more considerable effort to enable their students with the latest tools that inspire creativity, innovation, and learning.


AISInk is proud to support the community by donating some of this equipment to help classrooms step into the future and meet the needs of students. With the help of the best tools available for STEM education and the best teachers guiding them, students are more prepared than ever to take on whatever the future may hold.

AISInk’s Donation of 3D Printers

One of the most valuable tools in a modern classroom is 3D printers. These devices connect to computers and print 3D objects that have been designed and modeled by students. These could be art figures, components for larger projects, and pretty much anything else a student’s imagination can create. The challenge for schools is finding the capital to purchase these devices, which can run thousands of dollars each.


With this donation, AISInk is investing in future creators and innovators while allowing schools to stretch their capital purchase budget even further. With the funds saved thanks to donated 3D printers, schools can purchase other important tools that enable STEM education like electronics kits, robotics components, and VR/AR systems. All these things work together to help students find their passion and begin creating from a young age.


STEAM Product Categories

Many schools are introducing STEAM labs for students as they embrace and learn about new technologies. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. All of these are essential parts of a complete education and will play important roles as students leave the classroom and enter the workforce. STEAM labs are based on STEM education with the addition of arts, which is increasingly playing a role alongside these other core concepts.


3D printers are one crucial aspect of STEAM labs as they can help students create physical models of what they have designed on their computers. Some components can be 3D printed to add to a larger project that involves other areas of STEAM learning like robotics.


The arts portion of STEAM consists of content creation, which could include the production of videos using camcorders as well as photo and video editing on computers.


Coding is another important part of any STEAM lab. Whether it relates to coding a new app, coding actions for a robot, designing websites, or any number of other coding activities, this will be an important skill for students in the future. As a result, many schools have opted to provide each student with tools to enable them to learn coding like laptops or Chromebooks.


Even virtual reality is playing a role in modern education. Many people think of video games when they think of virtual reality but it’s so much more than that. Virtual reality can immerse students in their education as they travel the world without leaving their classroom and experience things that a traditional video can’t provide.


The Role of STEAM Labs

These labs that are becoming increasingly common in schools today are an essential part of modern education. The work people do today is going to be much different than the work of tomorrow, and businesses rely more on things like artificial intelligence and automation. Students need to be prepared for the realities of the workforce they will be entering, and STEAM labs go a long way in providing that.


It’s also important to understand that these labs provide students with several different ways to learn and experiment. The days of sitting and reading a textbook or taking notes are quickly fading away. Today, students can experiment and be hands-on with their own learning, which can help make them more effective problem solvers and better critical thinkers as they grow older.


Of course, it’s fun to learn in a STEAM lab. When learning is fun, great things can be achieved by the young minds that will chart the world’s path in the future.


Learn More About STEAM Labs and the Components


If you’re interested in learning more about STEAM learning and the components used to help create these labs where students can learn and innovate, contact AISInk today.