Police officers need fast and convenient access to information while on-the-go. Traditionally, this has been done by mounting a laptop inside police cruisers somewhere on the dash. These devices get the job done but they aren’t the most elegant way to provide information to officers. They are bulky, inconvenient, and could even pose a safety threat to officers.

The Benefits of Durable Tablets


Luckily, tablets have become more popular as police mobile computers in recent years. Tablets solve a lot of the issues raised with the use of laptops and, ultimately, allow officers to do their work more efficiently. There are a number of reasons police departments are making the switch to using tablets but not all tablets are built equally. So, what computers do police use in their vehicles when making the switch from laptops to tablets? Generally, the device of choice is a durable tablet that withstand the demands of the job and deliver the amount of power and reliability needed by officers.


Let’s take a closer look at why durable tablets are quickly becoming an essential tool in policing today.




Safety is always the number one concern when it comes to considering equipment for police officers. This includes both the safety of the officers and the safety of the public that they are meant to serve. Tablets solve a very dangerous concern that comes with having bulky laptops mounted near the dashboard of a vehicle. Unlike larger laptops that require more room and are often mounted in front of the passenger seat, tablets are much more versatile and can be mounted near the center console. Why does this make such a huge difference?


It all has to do with airbags. In the event of a crash, airbags are designed to help protect the passengers of a vehicle. Airbags deploy and expand rapidly in under one second. The force with which this happens can cause serious injury or even death if deployed improperly. When a laptop is mounted in front of the passenger airbag, it can quickly become a deadly projectile in the event of a crash. A tablet, on the other hand, is moved out of the way so that airbags can operate as intended.




Everyone knows that tablets are much more mobile than laptops. With just one hand, officers can remove a tablet and use it on the scene of a call even if they’re outside of their vehicle. This can make writing reports and accessing information much more convenient as they are no longer tied to the confines of their vehicle. It also means that officers can continue to monitor situations closely while using the tablet rather than having to step away to access information on a mounted laptop. This allows them to be more efficient and help ensure the safety of the members of the public they are working with.




The size and mobility provided by tablets versus laptops makes them the most effective police mobile computers. Many people are well aware of the dangers that officers face in their day-to-day duties. However, one injury that commonly goes overlooked in any work environment is ergonomic injury. These are injuries caused by repeated strain on the body from unnatural movements. Ergonomic injuries are so common, they make up about a third of all workplace injuries. In a police cruiser, repeatedly leaning over the center console to access a laptop could cause ergonomic injury due to long term and frequent repetition.


Tablets are much more convenient and mobile which helps greatly reduce the risk of ergonomic injury. It’s just another reason what computers police use are changing from traditional laptops to more sleek and mobile tablets.




A rugged tablet offers a lot of durability which is important when working in uncertain and sometimes dangerous conditions. These tablets can withstand cold weather, water exposure, drops, and bumps. All of this is necessary because a police officer’s job doesn’t end just due to bad weather conditions. Severe damage to these essential devices means officers can’t do their job to their fullest and may even take an officer off the street while a replacement device is found.


Cost Effective


Tablets are also much more affordable devices when compared with laptops. When equipping a number of police officers with devices, the cost can add up very quickly. In the event a laptop is damaged or broken, the replacement cost would obviously be higher as well. With the savings, police departments can keep budgets in check and redirect funds into other areas where money is needed.


Laptops vs Tablets


In the battle of police mobile computers, laptops have long been the standard in many police departments. However, technological advancements with tablets and the reduced cost of acquiring the devices is quickly creating a shift in the market. Along with ease of use, improved safety, and increased durability; it’s easy to see why police departments are beginning to choose durable tablets when replacing laptops in the hands and cruisers of officers.


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