The way the modern office operates is changing. People are more reliant on their computers than ever before. There are new software programs, new devices being used, and new insights into some of the physical and health challenges that can arise from office work. While there is no one thing that can make an office operate at peak efficiency or solve all issues employees may face; a dual monitor mount is one basic piece of hardware that can make a huge difference in everything from productivity to employee health.


Many people wonder how to mount computer monitors in a way that will be most effective. For a lot of office employees, a dual monitor mount is the best solution. It offers flexibility, real estate, and convenience.

What is a Dual Monitor Mount?


A dual monitor mount gives users the ability to mount two monitors at a chosen height. This is in contrast to having the monitors rest on a desk using the stands supplied by the manufacturer. There are a wide range of dual monitor mounts available that offer varying features. For example, some dual monitor mounts may swivel, allowing the user to view the monitor in either landscape or portrait mode. Other mounts may have joints in the arms that allow monitors to be extended closer or further away from the user.


Benefits of a Dual Monitor Mount


Some dual monitor mounts may come with even more features like an attached keyboard tray that moves with the mount. All of these features can come in handy when setting up the perfect workstation.


Most importantly, a dual monitor mount gives the person using it the ability to make the most of the available screen real estate. Although, the advantages of these mounts go much further than that.


Improved Productivity


A dual monitor mount, most importantly, gives users the ability to use multiple displays rather than just one. This is important as more and more jobs are requiring a number of software programs in order to complete the work. Users can operate with multiple programs running on multiple displays that can easily be viewed at the same time. This makes tasks like transcription easier as users no longer need to switch between windows just to type or copy and paste.


With monitor mounts, businesses can also rely on more mobile devices like laptops for their employees. Employees can be mobile with their laptops and work from anywhere with a dedicated workstation that sports two mounted monitors that act almost like a home base.


Better Neck and Eye Health


In recent years, more and more people have become aware of the challenges that can result from using computer monitors all day to do a job. Eye and neck strain are some of the most common issues experienced by office workers. These types of injuries that build up over time due to poor posture and other bad habits are called ergonomic injuries and a third of all workers are affected by these injuries.


It is recommended that monitors be placed an arm’s length away from the user and monitor height be set so that the top of the monitor aligns with the user’s eyes. This helps reduce craning of the neck and eye strain due to poor placement. A dual monitor mount can help achieve this in a way that a standard desk stand simply cannot. This proper placement can also help with posture as users can adjust their monitors so they aren’t leaning down or closer to the monitor in order to see clearly.


Sit or Stand


Speaking of posture and health, sitting all day is often referred to as the new smoking. Many people sit for hours and hours on end at their job. This sedentary lifestyle can be harmful and chronic pain can result from prolonged sitting. Some dual monitor mounts allow for users to either sit or stand when working. The ability to move from sitting to standing throughout the day helps alleviate many of the health concerns that come with sedentary office work.


Another benefit of using an adjustable monitor mount that can move from sit to standing positions is that businesses don’t have to invest in expensive standing desks. The same benefits can be achieved with much more affordable monitor mounts.


More Organized Workspace


A messy desk is a great way to sap productivity. Employees need available desk space to organize the items needed for their job. Mounting monitors gets them up off of the desk and clears up a lot of available room without having to go through the massive expense of buying new, larger furniture. Many monitor mounts also feature cable organization so there isn’t a mess of cables running across a desk that can cause clutter, frustration, and even injury in some extreme cases.


See the Benefits for Yourself


If you have been wondering how to mount computer monitors to get the best performance and comfort in your business, look no further than dual monitor mounts. There are a number of models available to suit any need. To find the right one for you, reach out to the professional advisors at AIS Ink today.