There are a million distractions that customers or prospective customers are faced with as businesses try to earn their attention. Digital signage is an eye-catching, modern, and efficient way of grabbing the attention of people both inside and outside of a business. The wide range of colors and effects that can be used put digital signage above traditional signage when it comes to capturing the imagination of customers. Plus, the customizability of the digital sign images makes the platform an efficient way to quickly update promotions and advertisements.


However, some businesses hesitate to make the switch despite all these benefits. Some worry about the complexity of making the switch. How difficult is it to take down traditional signage and install digital signage? What kind of equipment is needed? Will the signage fit into existing spaces? Luckily, thanks to the many different types of digital signage mounts available, any business can make the switch regardless of what their unique needs are.


Types of Digital Signage Mounts


Regardless of the type of space available for digital signage, there are several different types of mounts available to help create a professional appearance after installation.


Ceiling Mounts

These mounts, as the name suggests, allow users to mount digital signage that appears to hang from the roof. This can be a great solution when space on floors or walls is limited or unavailable entirely. Ceiling mounts create a very modern and appealing aesthetic.


Flat Mounts

Flat mounts are the most basic type of digital signage mount. These are generally used in a scenario where digital signage is fixed against a flat wall and doesn’t need to be rotated or tilted. A scenario where a flat mount may be acceptable is a digital restaurant menu, for example. These are the most affordable and easy to install mounts available.


Full Motion Mounts

Unlike a flat mount, a full motion mount provides much more flexibility when it comes to displaying digital signage. These mounts allow the signage to extend forward, swivel, tilt, and turn. The moveable arm gives businesses the most flexibility with their digital signage. It should be noted that these mounts are more costly than a flat mount.


Tilting Mounts

Somewhere between flat mounts and full motion mounts, there are tilting mounts. This bracket gives the user some flexibility by being able to tilt the display vertically to fit the perfect angle for viewing. These are a great option if the signage will be placed higher than where the viewer is located.


Kiosk Mounts

Kiosk mounts are freestanding digital signage displays that sit on the floor. They are tall and often built with touch functionality so that customers can interact with them. This is the most expensive type of mount, and they serve a unique, interactive purpose when compared with the other types of mounts mentioned above.


How to Choose the Right Digital Signage Mount


There are a few important factors to consider when choosing digital signage mounts. First, you must consider the space available. If a sign needs to be placed somewhere where there is no wall to support it, then, obviously, a ceiling mount would be most appropriate. How high will the display be on the wall? Will it need to tilt to be readable by the people viewing it? Like in real estate, sign placement is all about location, location, location.


Of course, budget always comes into play when making any advertising or marketing decisions. Flat mounts will be the most affordable solution but offer the least flexibility when it comes to adjusting the positioning of the signage. Choosing the right amount upfront, even if the initial cost is higher, will help save money in the long run as there won’t be a need to upgrade or change equipment that isn’t getting the job done.


It’s also important to consider the aesthetic of digital signage. Signage that hangs from the roof using a ceiling mount certainly stands out in an open space. Choosing the right mount to fit the appearance you want to achieve can pay off big time.


Digital Signage Mount vs TV Mount


Some digital signage mounts and tv mounts are very similar. There may be situations where a consumer-grade television can be used as digital signage. However, some digital signage mounts are designed to specifically mount signage. For example, a double-sided ceiling mount that can support two displays would not be something made for a consumer television.


Finding the right mount ultimately depends on the type of display being used for digital signage. In some cases, tv mounts may be appropriate. In others, specialized digital signage mounts me be required.


Find the Right Mount Today


Choosing the right digital signage solution is an important decision that can immediately pay dividends for your business. For help with choosing the right digital signage mounts for your needs, contact the experts at Advantage Imaging Supply today.