Making a presentation exciting is easier said than done. You can add images, clever text, and even animated transitions between slides, but you will always be fighting to engage your audience and maintain their attention. You can even implement every single tip for improving your presentations, but it will still feel like something is missing. That something is interaction and on-the-fly customization.


Presentations are notoriously one-sided. One person presents, and the rest of the group listens. There is often not a lot of room for collaboration, discussion, and engagement. At least, that was the case until the Viewsonic eBeam Edge Interactive Projector came to the market. This sleek little device takes presentations to the next level.


Features and Benefits of an Interactive Projector


Most people have likely never heard of an interactive projector or what the experience entails. There are a few key features and benefits that make this product a great addition to any meeting room or laptop bag.


Interactive Presentations

As the name suggests, an interactive projector makes presentations interactive. Using the supplied pen, presenters, or participants can interact with the presentation by making notes, highlighting important points, drawing images, and more. These notes and drawings can be saved for sharing in the future, so the experience of interaction during the presentation is never lost and notes can be consulted in follow up.


Universal Solution

The Viewsonic eBeam Edge Interactive Projector is compatible with any projector and PC, which means it can go on the road and work effectively in pretty much any meeting room. The digital interactive surface allows users to draw on whatever surface they may be projecting onto including white boards, walls, and even glass.


Sleek and Portable

Traveling for a presentation? No need to haul extra bags because this clever little device is, well, little. It’s just 8 inches long and weighs in at 4 ounces. The compact and sleek design will fit easily into a laptop bag or backpack, which makes it perfect for any size presentation, wherever that presentation may be occurring. Installation is as easy as plugging the device in and shouldn’t require more than a couple of minutes of setup time as it can easily mount to any available surface.


Save, Share, Reuse

Review your presentation or share the results of the collaboration with the participants with the easy save and share functions. Was this presentation the best one you’ve ever done? Share it with future groups or reuse the recorded notes and drawings for future presentations to continually improve.


Take Your Presentation to the Next Level


Ready to turn up the excitement in your next presentation? Increase collaboration and improve engagement with the help of the Viewsonic eBeam Edge Interactive Projector. This universal solution will work for a wide range of needs and applications.


To learn more about this incredible little device, and how to unlock the true potential of your presentations, contact the experts at Advantage Imaging Supply today.