We have over 30,000 products from over 200 manufacturers in stock and ready to ship, from Xerox printers and HP notebooks to projectors, scanners, headphones, and much more. Our dedicated team of technology experts has supplied Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, and educational institutions throughout the United States with the most advanced technology products on the market.

However, the value we provide is not only in the products we carry. The technical expertise and assistance we offer are what our clients truly find the most valuable when sourcing new technology. With over 50 collective years of experience, coupled with a policy of continuously improving our product line to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancement, we’re able to generate technology solutions that are both powerful and efficient.

Enjoy Expert Advice and Choose from Hundreds of Manufacturers

With AIS, you get more than access to the best printers, computers, and projectors from all the leading manufacturers. You get in-depth analysis and comparison between manufacturers so that your organization is empowered to choose the very best equipment the entire industry has to offer.

We have spent years developing strong relationships with many of the world’s largest and most respected manufacturers, including HP, Xerox, NetGear, Epson, Clover Imaging Group, and Cyber Acoustics. During this time, we found that it isn’t necessarily the equipment that costs the most, but consumables and replacement parts.

This is why we make sure to offer our clients detailed estimates that include projected consumable costs, print yields, and maintenance costs associated with each product we carry. With AIS assisting your organization’s office technology procurement plan, there are no hidden surprises.

Save Money on Great Technology That Lasts

Every day, the AIS team helps businesses, institutions, and schools obtain high-quality technology products at the lowest prices on the market. We have clients and distribution partnerships throughout the entire United States.

The AIS team knows too well how frustrating it can be when core equipment breaks down or runs out of consumables. This is why we make sure to project our estimates well into the future and mitigate the risk of equipment failure for years down the line.

When you choose AIS, you’ll enjoy a personal relationship with a trustworthy advisor who can inform every technology purchasing decision your organization has to make. Contact our team today and find out what makes us the industry leaders.

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